Fireproofing Spray Foam Fireproofing Spray Foam Fireproofing Spray Foam

Fireproofing Spray Foam

Do you need to Fireproof Spray Foam?

Dr. Foam in Barrie, Ontario talks about fireproofing Spray Foam

The building code requires that all polyurethane foam must be covered with a thermal barrier. You can achieve this by covering the foam with drywall or we can apply products to the foam which have the same affect as a Thermal barrier. This creates a safety measure as it prevents the foam from burning and causing harmful vapours to escape in the event of fire. Areas like rim joists are an example where this is required.

We use Monokote Z-3306 for this purpose. Monokote® Z-3306 Thermal Barrier is a cementitious fire protective coating specifically formulated for application over rigid, urethane, and polystyrene foam plastics. Spray applied to interior foam surfaces on walls and ceilings, Z-3306 forms a hard, durable, mono-lithic thermal barrier against heat and fire.

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Last Updated On: September 26, 2016
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